PLAY GROUPS : focus on inculcating the love for learning and empowerment of selves to make learning an inherent part of childhood. Thus the children undergo a learning process which is a blend of distinctly tailored Traditional and Montessori method. Dr.Maria Montessori refers that this age from birth to the age of six is the most important one as that is the time when intelligence itself is being formed and developed. Meticulously planned activities cater to the improvement of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

PRIMARY : This phase of learning is focussed on self discovery and inculcating inherent curiosity. A method which combines theoretical understanding with objects of hands on experience is rightly designed suitable for this age-group. Their cognitive skills are enhanced.

HIGH SCHOOL : This phase takes learning beyond classrooms through projects, inter active sessions, presentations, factory visits ,hands-on experiments in the labs to prepare the child for a future where his learning would require application. Children are also guided to render community service. We create an environment where the children learn without fear and with fun.