Message from the Principal

Brightening the future: helping today’s youth reach their potential

Welcome to Appollo National Public School. I am proud of our school and our culture of respect, safety, and success evident in our day-to-day interactions. At ANPS it is our desire to develop students into critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, collaborators, and effective communicators. We continue setting a high bar for our students in academics and extracurriculars yearover-year, helping them become more responsible citizens at school and in the outside world.

The staff at ANPS work extremely hard to not only provide a quality academic experience, but also to create a space where students feel valued and cared for.

Appollo national Public School is a dynamic learning community where we work together through a shared vision and values to achieve the best outcomes for our students. A supportive and well-structured learning environment enables the teaching and learning process to thrive. The wide range of programs we offer gives students a full curriculum that can help them make the best of their individual skills and abilities. Our dedicated and highly skilled staff are focused on the wholesome development of every child and have high expectations of all students with whom they work hand-in-hand throughout the year.

The school has an excellent reputation in the community and its success is a result of the combined energies and contribution of students, staff, parents and our community. We believe that every child has the right to the best possible education and the educational process is best served when the school, the child, the teacher and the parent work together positively to support learning.

It would be an understatement to say that am incredibly proud to be the Principal of Appollo National Public school.

Neerada Harish