Message from the Principal "Sikha Ray Chaudhuri"

From ME to YOU

Education is not a quiet and peaceful pursuit of knowledge in today's world. The very fabric of education today demands that students walk out of institutions fully equipped with skills in communication, teamwork ,creativity ,critical thinking and problem solving .Students of this age move on fast tracks ,keeping abreast with knowledge explosion.

APPOLLO NATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL has matched up with this demand with its numerous activities lined up week after week scientifically planned to cater to these skills. By giving students an opportunity to experiment with various extra-curricular activities outside of their academic life, we open the door for a potential future in Arts, Music or Sports that may not have been sparked by strict academic work. We realise that education is as much about preparing the next generation of citizens and leaders as it is about training students for future careers.

In an action packed year, students find time to study, to play, to sing, to dance and also to display all these in the well organised healthy Competitions. Above all to enhance their concentration we have regular YOGA classes for the students. To put it in a nutshell, it is the fusion of traditional and modern method of grooming children to face the challenges of fast moving world.

Sikha Ray Chaudhuri