Message from the Mentor Principal "Sikha Ray Chaudhuri"

From ME to YOU

Change is observed everywhere and so in education. The Classroom, the learning method, the evaluation etc., have undergone visible changes depending on the changes in Global society. There is now a change in the way the children think learn and proceed. I, as mentor Principal have been vested with a new responsibility to oversee and help in incorporating the changes in the school administration smoothly. Our endeavour to build up a strong nation by giving value based education to the future citizens for their balanced level will always be there with a pinch of change. I am sure the blend of various activities and experiences will prepare our children to face the challenging world. ANPS helps them in the Physical, Emotional, Social and Cultural growth. We believe in a strong communication network among students, teachers and parents for the smooth running of schools.

Life is not a contest. It's a chance to do the best we can and as a leader this is my dream to translate our VISION into REALITY.

Sikha Ray Chaudhuri