Education now a days includes not only the academics but also social, physical, moral and emotional developments of the children.

Appollo National Public School emphasises giving education to the children in three areas namely MATERIAL EDUCATION, CULTURAL EDUCATION AND TEACHING OF HUMANITY.

MATERIAL EDUCATION : School is the place where children spend the most important part of the day. As per the requirements of the Council for Indian school Certificate examination We focus on creating comfortable environment conducive to learning. The children feel at home in the large airy class rooms with twenty five children and having enough space for movements. The Smart Boards draw the attention of the students to the respective subjects. The well ventilated subject Laborataries of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer are the real attractive places for learning by doing. The Audio-Visual room with a capacity of 350 students serves the purpose of various presentations of the teachers and the students. The two amphitheatres specified for cultural events must be really envy to other school students. These are exclusive arenas for stage shows.