The school hour starts with a prayer in English and in Sanskrit. Prayer enriches the human soul, sanctify the environment and bring inner peace. Students take charge of the everyday assembly programme under the guidance of the class teachers. Each student of each class gets the opportunity to present himself or herself through various programmes.

. Each teacher by rotation talk to the students and through fables inculcates values in them. The rich culture of varied regions of India is also emphasised during assembly be it music, dances, magic or skits. These are not only the expression of their inherent talent but also the creativity in them .This participation of them helps them to develop respect for our varied culture.

Students also take pledge everyday to serve their motherland. We see to it that the students go out of the school after thirteen years of schooling being disciplined, confident, articulate, positive, enthusiastic, broadminded and respectable person.

We have opened up the facilities of extra coaching in several indoor and outdoor sports,e.g.,Basket ball,Volley ball,Chess,Carrom,Table tennis,Throw ball etc.